Building Owner Surveyor

Buildng owner surveyor

Building owner surveyors are not limited to a specific task, instead, they do a variety of tasks. It includes a technical branch of surveyors and pulls together several different branches. They are linked on one aspect and they use rivet and Building Information Management (BIM) to design buildings either residential or commercial.


Some of the roles which Building Owner Surveyors play are

  1. To advise, prepare, review and serve the Party Wall Notice
  2. To coordinate with Adjoining Owner Surveyor to appoint a third surveyor in case any conflict occurs
  3. To understand the specifications of the site by visiting the site area
  4. To record a schedule of condition of the adjoining owner’s property
  5. To produce a Party Wall Award by negotiating with Adjoining owner surveyor
  6. To draft, make and serve the Party Wall Award to the specific parties

The building owner surveyor has also the responsibility to monitor and inspect the Adjoining owner surveyor. He has to confirm that the drawings made are accurate so that the schedule of condition can be made. This is done with great care to avoid any subsequent damage.

Located in London, Our Building Surveyors are experts in creating and supervising everything from skyscraper buildings to residential and commercial areas. With our professional behaviour, we aim to achieve much greater milestones in the business working as Building Owner Surveyors.


Concerning the Building Code of the UK, building surveyors offer a variety of services. They help in purchasing a property, involving in new build projects monitoring, and conserving the historical buildings. In the UK, if the tenants are living in some leased property, then they have the power to repair during the lease period. So, in this case, the landlord can consult a building surveyor so that an interim or terminal schedule of dilapidations can be prepared according to the legislation.

The Building Surveyor interprets the written agreements and documents of the lease and English case laws to check the extent of repair required. Then, negotiation takes place between the tenants and the surveyor to confirm the work.


An Act which provides basic guidelines and framework to resolve the disputes and differences among surveyor and residents in relation to Party Walls and boundary walls is extremely important. So, Party Wall Act holds great importance while doing construction activities.


The Building Owner Surveyor has technical knowledge and is an expert in construction and building works along with the legal and economic aspects of the work. They aim to serve and prepare the notices by consulting the owner of the buildings. They also publish and serve the Party Wall Award as soon as possible.  So, before selecting and doing any construction activity, hiring a surveyor is very important.

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