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Retrospective Party Wall Agreement UK

Retrospective Party Wall Agreement

A retrospective party wall agreement is a kind of party wall award that comes up when the party wall work is in progress, partially completed, or sometimes even fully finalized. The most common reason behind the retrospective agreement is to deal with the charges and claims of potential damage.  Often, we feel the need for […]

Party Wall Disputes

Party wall disputes can occur anytime. In terms of real estate, a party wall is a common wall shared by two independent property owners. It can either be structural or non-structural. For instance, in the former case party wall is a dividing wall between two houses with terraces; in the latter scenario, it can be […]

Do I need a Party Wall Agreement?

When do you need a party wall agreement? A Party Wall is a mutual boundary shared by adjacent property owners. It was introduced in the 11th century in England as a fire safety prerequisite for many terraced houses. However, these shared walls can be tricky for homeowners when initiating a construction involving the party wall.  […]


In this COVID-19 and lockdown scenario, where every sector and profession feel its impact, party wall procedures are also changing. The Government has given the green signal that all the building and construction-related works will continue as long as Site Operating Procedures (SOPs) are intact. The basic SOPs will include wearing masks and gloves and […]

How Using A Cheap Party Wall Surveyor Can Substantially Add To Your Costs In London

Using a cheap party wall surveyor can result in addition to the final cost. Surveyor appointed keeps a record of the time spent on serving the award. Calculate the total hourly fee after finalizing all the information and adding the hours. Then place the final budget in front of a surveyor as a reasonable fee. […]

How Long Does a Party Wall Agreement Last?

Do you wish to make some changes to your house? If yes, you will need a Party Wall Agreement before starting any construction work. The Agreement lasts for 12 months. Party Wall Agreement was introduced in 1996 to make changes in your property without causing any disturbance to your neighbours.  NEED FOR PARTY WALL AGREEMENT […]


Whenever you are planning on doing some construction activity on your property, you need to understand some terms such as Party Wall Act and Party Wall Agreement. Many common misunderstandings can arise regarding the party wall act. PARTY WALL ACT Party Wall Act came into force on 1st July 1997. It focuses on the conflicts and […]