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Types of Party Walls Everything You Need to Know In London

Types of Party Walls In London

Sharing different properties with your neighbor is pretty common in the United Kingdom. At times the party wall issues become rather challenging, and for that, one might need to hire a party wall surveyor to end it on good terms.  What Is Party Wall? A wall shared between two neighbors and considered mutual property by […]

Party Wall notice response Options

According to the party wall act 1992, your neighbor is bound to serve you a legal notice before starting any work on the shared property of both. It includes the details of work, the time required for this work, and the expected damage or changes that may occur to your property. The adjoining neighbor who […]

Access to Neighbouring Land Act 1992

In 1992 a law was made to access the neighboring property called the party wall acts. It allows the people to approach the neighboring property legally and in a secure manner to carry out any construction work required. Before starting any sort of work on the adjoining property you need an application for an excess […]

Five commonly asked questions about Party Wall Issues in 2022

While working at the adjoining property party wall issues are common but certain measures can be taken to avoid any inconvenience between the two participants. Sending a legal party Wall notice can help you in enjoying the changing and construction properly without any fear of the law or your neighbors. Party Wall notice service to […]

What Happens If you Fail To Serve A Party Wall Notice in 2022?

Working on a party wall means that you can damage your neighbors’ property or some conflicts may arise or he may stop your work. So according to the party wall act 1996, you should send a prior legal notice to your neighbors regarding the changes you are about to make, and the time of construction. […]

Who Pays For Party Wall Surveyors In 2022?

who pays party wall surveyor fee

In terms of real estate, the property owner has the legal right to carry out specific works. As far as the Party Wall Act 1996 is concerned, if you want to make changes or any construction work to the boundary wall you share with your neighbours; you must serve them with a written notice regarding […]

What happens if my neighbour ignores the Party wall notice

The Party Wall Act was initiated in 1996. The purpose of the Act is to provide a framework to avoid any dispute resultant from the building of an existing party wall.  Wondering what to do when neighbour ignores the party wall notice? Under the Party Wall Act; anyone attempting to do the work which falls […]