We have an exclusive team of party wall surveyors covering all the locations around South East London.  We are just a call away to solve all your party wall issues and provide you with the best advice regarding construction. You can easily get a free quote just by mailing or contacting us in the chatbox.

A party wall is the shared wall between two neighbors and the construction at it is very complicated and has some legal requirements. Constructing a wall between two houses is probably easy but when there is there are some other structures involved like ceiling or floor, then the process might become complicated. And you need a professional party wall surveyor. 

Why Do You Need A Party Wall Surveyor?

Whenever you plan to do some work at the shared property or adjoining wall, you need to hire a professional for the construction and inform your neighbors about this task? If the work is affecting their property or not, it is your responsibility to serve a party was notice according to the party wall act 1996.  It is basically for your security more than your neighbors as they cannot prove false liabilities against you.

 A party wall surveyor is a trained professional who can access the construction required and the time is taken. He can also estimate the damage that may occur to the neighboring property and can help you in making the legal party wall agreement notice. The constructions that fall under a surveyor include chimney removal, work in the basement, kitchen extension works with the boundary wall and excavation within 3 meters of adjoining land.

Other than that if you have the neighboring property and a kept on informed about the construction taking place at your party wall, it is your legal right to hire a party wall surveyor. He will estimate the work required and expected damage to your property. You also have the legal right to stop the work and claim the damage in court.

Why Do I Need To Hire Party Wall Surveyor South East London

We are the best party wall agreement company in South East London working with professional experts and surveyors available at your single call. They play the forefront role in the opening after dialogue with your neighbors to get into a legal party wall agreement within the period required for construction. They always believe in sending prior notice is to that you can carry out the work with ease. For more complex constructions like basement areas, we have a special team of experts to ensure that your work goes on smoothly.

We provide exclusive party wall surveyor services at low prices. You will find our services as one of the best in South East London. For simple projects, the total cost is under $200. Complex construction processes can cost you up to 500 Dollars including the party wall legal agreement with the help of our professional surveyor.


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