Party Wall Surveyor West London

Starting your construction project can be exciting and bring a lot of complications and challenges. To make the process easy and reliable for you. A&A Party Wall Surveyor offers you the best party wall surveyor in west London that can understand your needs. We offer you solutions tailored to your needs and help you avoid the legal pitfall. With our charted party wall surveyor, we help you resolve disputes and issues with your neighbours under the party wall act. 

When it comes to your homes or commercial projects, you must hire the experts to proceed wisely. A&A Party Wall Surveyor is well equipped with the charted party wall surveyor in west London with meticulous experience in property surveying and offering legal help to our clients.

What Is Party Wall Surveyor?

Want to make some renovation or structural changes in your home or building place? You might need to resolve any disagreement and dispute with your neighbour to avoid legal action. A&A Party Wall Surveyor can help you proceed smoothly with your construction or renovation procedure. The whole process is followed under the Party Wall Act 1996. The aforementioned act applies under different distinct conditions. Some of these situations involve the following,

  • Involving party wall in loft conversations.
  • Creating alterations for garden boundary wall.
  • Changing the appearance or structure of the party wall. 
  • Building a project using the shared walls (known as party walls).
  • Building extension or excavation on or within the 6 meters of the party wall.
  • Using shared party structure (involving walls and floor between flats) for building.

Make Party Wall Matters As Smooth As Possible

Involving party walls for building, extension, or underpinning can impact the aesthetic and property values. It is highly important and required to notify the adjoining owner beforehand to avoid disagreement and legal pitfalls. A&A Party Wall Surveyor can make the process as smooth and straightforward as possible. 

We provide you professional charted party wall surveyor in west London that can be at your side to make the process easy and stress-free for you and your neighbour. We can guide you and your project through party wall matters with less possible duration so you can be free and excited to do the alterations in your home as you desire. 

What Is Party Wall Notice?

Want to build some alterations at your property that involve a party wall? You might need to notify your adjoining owner of the party wall or party structure. A party wall notice is a legal notification that you provide to your neighbour that shared party wall to choose from one of the three options so you can proceed further accordingly. They can use their legal right to choose from the Party Wall Notice response as they want. There are three types of responses, and by understanding these responses, you can get help from the A&A Party Wall Surveyor in West London. These responses include the following,

  • Consent To Work

Giving consent to carry on the construction work means that the neighbour does not require any party wall surveyor between them, and you are free to make the alterations.

  • Dissent & Appoint Party Wall Surveyor

The neighbour does not give you permission to carry on the alteration or construction work that involves the party wall or party structure. Moreover, they want to hire a party wall surveyor who can look at things from your neighbor’s perspective and try to ensure the risk can be as low as possible.

  • Dissent & Appoint An Agreed Party Wall Surveyor

This is the best response for the person looking forward to involving party walls in the construction or renovation process. The adjoining party wall owner wants to hire a mutual party wall surveyor that can resolve the matter between both parties. A&A Party Wall Surveyor can guide through every type of response and solve the dispute without dragging the case.

Why Should I Hire A&A Party Wall Surveyor?

Before involving the party wall for building and alterations, you must notify the other party two months prior to initiating the projects. This is important according to the Party Wall Act 1996. A&A Party Wall Surveyor has enjoyed a high reputation in west London due to our skilled team of highly experienced charted party wall surveyors. We offer value worth to your spending. With us, you can get,

  • Free advice.
  • Quick scheduling. 
  • Competitive quote. 
  • Client-centered approach.

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