Who Pays For Party Wall Surveyors In 2022?

who pays party wall surveyor fee
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In terms of real estate, the property owner has the legal right to carry out specific works. As far as the Party Wall Act 1996 is concerned, if you want to make changes or any construction work to the boundary wall you share with your neighbours; you must serve them with a written notice regarding your intended outcome. It will prevent you from unnecessary delays and future disputes. Let’s delve into this further and find out who pays for the party wall surveyor in London.

The Party Wall act states that alterations to a party wall need consent from all parties involved who share, use, or have the ownership of the boundary wall. So, who pays if a party wall dispute arises? The building owner will normally cover all the costs related to it. Your neighbour might share the cost if the work needs to be done because of common maintenance problems or negligence by neighbour. They will also need to pay if any additional work is done to benefit them.

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Party Wall Surveyor cost

The cost of a party wall surveyor depends upon how professional he is and the area in which you live. In the United Kingdom, the average party wall surveyor cost ranges from 100 pounds to 500 pounds per hour. However, the fee you have to pay is directly linked with the details of your work and the time required. It varies from building to building and project to project. 

In some circumstances, where a Party Wall Agreement is essential, the building owner will pay the appointed party wall surveyor’s fees. Generally, an adjoining property owner is not the one who is responsible for paying the selected surveyor’s fees. The building owner will pay for both their personal surveyor’s fees and the fair dues of the adjoining owner’s surveyor.

The surveyors will then carry out their daily duties, and the surveyors for the building owner and adjoining owner will settle on the Adjoining owner’s surveyor fees and incorporate them into the award, the legally binding final contract allowing the works to continue.

Furthermore, concerning the building owner, the owner will pay a fixed fee. Simultaneously, the adjoining owner’s party wall surveyor will give according to an hourly rate, or the time spent on party wall matters.

How much does a surveyor charge?

As per the residential and building projects, the average cost varies. Many factors determine the cost of the surveyors’ fees. It depends on the time it will take to do all the intended construction work regarding the party wall survey. Most of the surveyors charge a fixed hourly rate depending on the details of your proposed work.

When will the Adjoining owners pay the Surveyor fees?

Following the Act, particularly section 11, when the intended work will benefit both parties, then distributing the surveyor fees is fair. So the adjoining owner will have to contribute in the following situations;

· If they are demanding extra work from the building owner, i.e., building a party wall higher. 

· Assume they guide their party wall surveyors on matters irrelevant to Party Wall Act. The building owner is simply liable for paying for the surveyor’s fees. 

Suppose the matter is transferred to a third party (third surveyor), and the third surveyor rules in the building owner’s favour. The third surveyor might assign costs per their decision –commonly to the party they find against. If the third surveyor favours the adjoining owners; they are likely to compensate the adjoining owners for their fees and related costs.


It is critical to choose a Qualified Surveyor who can direct you through the process with the least amount of risk and help you avoid the process’s potential mistakes especially when you know who pays party wall surveyor fees.

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