Why Do I Need a Party Wall Survey 2022?

Why Do I Need a Party Wall Survey?
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Party wall issues are common in England. To avoid conflict with neighbors or solve disputes regarding party wall matters, party wall surveyors are crucial. To make the thi9ngs smooth between both parties, a party wall surveyor act as a bridge and bring both parties to a mutual point. 

Different agencies offer the service of a licensed party wall surveyor tailored to your need. However, party wall issues are pretty standard; still, many people get confused about the term or do not have any particular knowledge of how to solve their party wall issues. 

Do you also want to know all about party wall issues and why you might need to have a party wall surveyor by your side? This article makes it easy for you to have a grasp on things and explain everything your need to know.

What Are Party Wall Matters?

Generally, a party wall is claimed as a shared wall or property between two neighbors. It can be the adjoining wall or a shared floor between two parties. Both parties hold equal claims and rights in the party wall or structure.

In case one party wants to renovate, loft conversion, or start any construction project involving the party wall, they have to seek other parties’ permission before starting the project. A legal process is involved in seeking approval, known as party wall notice. Read more party about the party wall agreement here.

Party Wall Act

The Party wall act was passed in 1996 to offer solutions to party wall matters. It addresses all the legal rights and actions you can perform or have during the party wall conflict or dispute. A party wall surveyor plans their actions based on the party wall act.

From the party wall notice to the party wall agreement award, the party wall act 1996 has addressed everything. In disagreement with the sections or points of the party wall act, severe legal actions can be triggered.

What is Party Wall Notice?

To carry on your construction projects involving a party wall or party structure, you must send a party notice to your neighbor to avoid the legal pitfall. A party notice lets the second party know about the project’s specific details and lets the second party choose the option of their agreement or dis-consent.

In response to a party wall notice, the second party sends their party wall notice response. The party wall response holds three options.


The second party has no issues with the project and agrees to let you use the party wall or party structure in your construction or renovation project.

Dis-consent & Want To Hire Party Wall Surveyor

The second party does not agree with your project involving shared property (party wall) and wants to hire a party wall surveyor by their side.

Dis-consent & Agree To Hire A Mutual Party Wall Surveyor

The second party does not give legal consent to continue or start the project but wants to solve the matter by agreeing on a mutual party wall surveyor.

Role Of Party Wall Surveyor

A party wall surveyor is a legal advisor who performs the survey of the conflicted project involving the party wall or party wall structure. They are the legal person who acts as the central bridge between two parties to reach the main point.

There are many roles that a party wall surveyor is supposed to perform in the party wall matter according to the party wall act. The central goal of hiring a party wall surveyor is to solve the dispute legally without involving any pitfall.

A party wall surveyor guides you through the complete process of party wall conflict and dispute. They help you plan your next step and try to edge the case to your benefit in a legal way. 

In case of disagreement of the second party to a particular project that involves a party wall or party wall structure but the first party still starts the project, the case can attract legal pitfall for the first party. 

Party Wall Award

The Party wall surveyor can be one person or more than one. In the case of the second type of party wall notice response, two-party wall surveyors from both parties work together to bring both parties to a mutual agreement.

The mutual agreement addresses the second party’s risk and compensations during the project. It states the risk criteria and the policies for compensation. The party wall award is the final step to solving party wall matters. 

Bottom Line

Party wall matters can be negligible, but at times, if you forget to pay the right amount of attention to the subject, it can turn ugly. A party wall surveyor makes the process easy and accessible for you in a legal way to carry on your dream project with complete privacy and minimal disturbance. 

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