Party Wall Notices For Getting Your Neighbours To Consent 2023

Party Wall Notices For Getting Your Neighbours To Consent

Sharing an outer wall or a floor with your neighbor is remarked as a party wall or party structure. Party wall matters are complex and shared in England. Due to the point being legal, any conflict and unsolved dispute can easily attract action from the law against you.  Handling your party wall matters with the […]

Party Wall Agreement For The Loft Conversion 2023

Party Wall Agreement For The Loft Conversions

Planning loft conversions is quite exciting. You can put your creativity and personalize the appearance of your property. Although it gets pretty thrilling after planning, and you might want to get to it instantly, specific issues might put a damper on the proceeding. A Party wall agreement is the solution to every type of party […]

Why Do I Need a Party Wall Survey 2023?

Why Do I Need a Party Wall Survey?

Party wall issues are common in England. Surveyors are crucial to avoiding conflict with neighbours or solving disputes regarding these matters. To make things smooth between both parties, a surveyor acts as a bridge and brings both parties to a mutual understanding. Different agencies offer the service of a licensed party wall surveyor tailored to […]

Types Of Party Walls & Everything You Need To Know In London

A picture explaining containing a party wall between two houses and define the query what is a party walls

It is quite common in the United Kingdom for neighbors to share various properties. On certain occasions, problems related to party walls can become quite challenging, and in such situations, hiring a party wall surveyor might be necessary to resolve them amicably.  What Is Party Wall? A wall shared between two neighbors and considered mutual […]