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AAAPWS is a Corporate Approved Inspector. We are authorized by the Secretary of State to provide building control approval for all your proposed building projects.

Building Regulation


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on planning use classes! Understanding zoning regulations is crucial for anyone involved in property development, investment, or even homeownership. In this article, we’ll delve into what planning use classes are, why they matter, and how they impact property use and development.

Planning Use classes


We provide a Commercial Extension service for residential as well as commercial purposes in and around London and we aim to provide our clients with exactly what it is that they envision when deciding to embark on an extension of any sort. We specialise in all kinds of building extensions and we tailor make each extension to suit you. If you have a bespoke project we are the people that you need to call.

Loft conversion & extension

Party Wall surveyors

We aim to deal with all enquiries on a personal basis and to provide all important advice as an experienced professional. With detailed knowledge in the Party Wall Act 1996 and wide range of experience in regularly acting for Building Owners and Adjoining Owners and as the third Surveyor, we aim to serve our clients professionally with any related project.

Party wall surveyors
Party Wall Surveyor


At A & A Party Wall Surveyors, we understand the importance of protecting your property and interests. This is during construction projects that involve party walls or shared boundaries. A Schedule of Conditions is crucial. It can help ensure your property stays in the same condition during construction. Our Schedule of Conditions Services meticulously records your property’s current state. It’s a critical document for landlords and tenants at the end of a lease.

schedule of conditions


A & A Party Wall Surveyors are your trusted partners in the efficient and professional handling of party wall matters. One crucial aspect of this process is the publishing and serving of Party Wall Awards. These binding papers outline the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved in a construction project under the 1996 Act

party wall award
party wall agreements


Are you planning on doing construction on your property and require a party wall agreement? You might need a party wall agreement. If yes, it’s necessary to obey the law. As per the act, if the owner needs to renovate his property that involves the boundary wall, he must send a written document to his adjoining neighbour for consent.

party wall notice


At A & A Party Wall Surveyors, we understand that disputes over party wall matters can be challenging to navigate. When conflicts arise between building owners and adjoining owners, it’s often best to seek a neutral third party to act as an Agreed Surveyor. 

agreed surveyor
Party Wall Surveyor Croydon surveying

Reduce Your Risk With a Comprehensive Survey

Surveys are important because they reduce your risk and protect your interests. By inspecting a property and looking at the site, structure, and services you will have sufficient knowledge of any damage, defects, or potential dangers that affect the decisions you will make.

  • 3-stage on-site survey – structure, services, site
  • Comprehensive 60+ page report with photos and commentary
  • Easy to understand traffic light system highlighting main areas of concern
  • A follow-up call to discuss the report and the issues found with the property

FAQs Related To Party Wall Surveyor London

Do I have To Pay For A Surveyor? For assistance on this issue, feel free to get in touch with our team.

In general, the adjoining building owner pays the fees (known as costs) since he is the one undertaking the work and initiating the party wall process.

What Is The Role Of A Building Surveyor in the context of RICS, especially when facing a party wall issue?

A building surveyor evaluates the quality of buildings ranging from residential to commercial and public buildings. They provide advice and recommendations on how to improve structures. This is particularly useful in preventing later disputes over party wall issues.

How Long Does a Party Wall Agreement Last? Our experts are ready to assist you with any query regarding this; don’t hesitate to contact us.

In general, it lasts for one year after the award date, as guided by our London party wall specialists.

How Much Does A Party Wall Agreement Cost In The UK?

The “Agreed Surveyor” prepares an award, which contains details about the proposed works and a schedule of the neighbours’ home’s condition, including photos. The party wall surveyor varies between £120 to £ 250 per hour depending on the assignment and party wall award, and the surveyor costs about £1100.00.

What is the Party Wall Notice Period?

Party wall notices, as per our specialist party wall advice, must be sent to your neighbours to notify them of your plans which is between two months and a year of the work beginning.

Who chooses a surveyor?

Each owner must hire a surveyor or agree on a single surveyor to represent both owners.

Who can act as a Surveyor?

Section 20 in the Party Wall etc Act defines a “surveyor” as a person who is not a party to the dispute and is appointed to decide disputes arising in the Act. It is a fact that no formal training or experience is needed to be a surveyor’ to do a party wall survey. Any work that falls under the purview of the Act usually involves complex excavations, often leading to the necessity of a party wall surveyor in London. Therefore, it follows that a surveyor must be a skilled and licensed certified professional, ideally a member of RICS.

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