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We specialize in dealing with all Party Wall matters in accordance with the Party Wall Act 1996.


The Party Wall Act 1996 is a framework to prevent and resolve conflicts that arise due to building Party Walls, boundary walls, or doing any excavation activity near neighbour’s building. It came into force on 1st July 1997 and is followed by the citizens of England and Whales.

According to the Act, the building owner must inform the Adjoining owner surveyor about his activities and intentions before starting any work.  The Adjoining owner has the power to agree or disagree with the Building Owner. If he disagrees, then the role of the Act is very important. Party Wall Act will guide how to resolve the dispute among two parties.

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    member of

    the party wall academy

    Members of the Party Wall Academy demonstrate a sound knowledge of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 and competency in its application. 

    The Academy is committed to:

    Enhancing the skills and knowledge of surveyors practicing in the field of party walls

    The promotion of best practice in the settlement of disputes arising under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996

    Keeping members abreast of latest developments in party wall case law

    Encouraginthe sharing of knowledge and experience between members

    Providing ongoing support to members in respect of all party wall matters

    Raising public awareness of the rights and responsibilities of property owners in connection with party wall related works