Things To Know About House Extensions Before You Start

Surveyor comes to survey about the house extensions
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House extensions are an exceptional method for expanding your house. But what are the essential things to know about house extensions? Why are these important? 

Whether your family has grown, or you need more living space, an improvement may be a better idea than moving to another property. You will get to remain in the home you love. But, before adding value to your home, there are a few things you should be aware of to help things go as planned.

The following are the most important things you must know before starting a house extensions.

Understand your Financial Situation

You would have many creative ideas about what architectural design you will follow to add value to your property. But it is wise to measure the ocean before diving into it. Having a precise measure of your construction budget can free you from many problems. You must know what amount of money you have in your pocket to invest.

You should also have some money up your sleeve as a backup if anything goes sideways from what you have planned.

Calculate the Cost of Construction

After knowing the weight of your pockets, the next step is to learn about the construction cost. Because most of the time, people only think that there will be a contractor and material costs for construction. But many other things add to your construction costs, such as stamp duties, measurement surveys, warranty and other legal services, and land taxes.

So, it would be best to estimate the cost before regulation to avoid money shortage problems.

Obtain Approval for Your Extension

Some construction work requires approval from the local council of that specific area. So, it’s better that you should find out if you need permission from the council or not.

Different societies and buildings have different sets of rules to be followed when regulating any construction work. For example, in a shared area of condominiums, planting a dish on your house roof is prohibited, or you need permission to do so. You also need to have a construction certificate, which ensures that your construction work abides by the laws of society and the local council.

Moreover, every owner should get their certifications prepared and signed by a council executive. It would also be better to hire a surveyor to handle this paperwork because that is exactly what they do.

Be Aware of the Party Wall Act

Before setting up a plan for a house extensions, it is better to know about the Party Wall Act. The Party Wall Act became official in 1996 and is a procedure used to resolve all kinds of party wall conflicts. 

The act gives certain rights to both party wall owners. It gives way for a property owner to control any kind of building work that will add value to their property. If a property owner next door disagrees with the work, and you still do it, they can sue you in civil court. To avoid these situations, you should hire party wall surveyor like ours. We provide services across every corner of London, and with years of experience, we are the best choice. Contact us now and let us do the paperwork for you.

Discuss your Plan with Neighboring Properties Owners

On account of any construction work required, the chances are nowadays; your neighbors will have a dispute over your work. The proper way to handle this situation is to remain calm and listen to what the neighbors have to say. Try to record what they said and pass this on to your construction manager. Make changes to the construction plan to settle the conflict.

You should also take appropriate measures to make sure that your neighbors do not get affected by your work in any manner or don’t have to deal with any property, physical or financial loss.

Create Architectural Designs

In your extension plan, it is better to have an image in your mind of what changes you should be making to achieve the goal. If you’re unsure of what you want, a better way to gather creative ideas is through Google Images and Pinterest. Pinterest is an amazing app for expanding pictures as it has a vast collection of creative architectural designs.

A good design architect can bring a sense of imagination and sensibility that guarantees your work will be a success. So, when looking to work on your house to adopt your lifestyle, hire a designer.

Need of Insurance

You have set your budget and know all the costs of the work. But it is better to have insurance to claim. Many home insurance policies exclude construction work from coverage. Insurance is used to cover the costs of the work, but it usually only covers losses caused by FLEE (fire, lightning, explosions, and earthquakes).

You must check your insurance policies and talk to your insurance provider to work this out in your favor.

Building Regulations

Building codes protect the safety and health of those who work in and around buildings. There are some ways to ensure the sustainability of the construction work. It helps in the conservation of fuel and power. They include things like fall, crash, or impact protection; drainage and trash removal; sound ventilation to avoid noise pollution; and many more.

Whom to Hire for Party Wall?

When it comes to construction work, to avoid and resolve any party wall matters and turn the table in your favor, expert surveyors are needed. They handle all the paperwork and supervise the conflicts and disputes on your behalf.

You must know whether you need an architect for your work to map the final result of your construction when it is done to add value to your property. The time and cost it takes to do the job depending on the contractor you hire to do the work.

Benefit from Social Learning

A wise man learns from the mistakes of others to avoid their own. Take advice from others who have done construction work like yours and know the crucial measures to do the job effectively and efficiently. To do the job, always learn from the experience of others, also known as social learning.

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