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At A & A Party Wall Surveyors, we understand that disputes over party wall matters can be challenging to navigate. When conflicts arise between building owners and adjoining owners, it’s often best to seek a neutral third party to act as an Agreed Surveyor. Our Agreed Surveyor Services are designed to facilitate fair and unbiased resolutions to party wall disputes, ensuring compliance with the Party Wall Act 1996.

What is an Agreed Surveyor?

An Agreed Surveyor is a fair professional. They are jointly chosen by both the building owner and the adjoining owner. They resolve disputes from party wall matters. This expert ensures that the rights and interests of both parties are protected, the property is respected, and that the construction process proceeds as smoothly as possible.


What is an Agreed Surveyor?

An Agreed Surveyor is a fair professional. They are jointly chosen by both the building owner and the adjoining owner. They resolve disputes from party wall matters. This expert ensures that the rights and interests of both parties are protected, the property is respected, and that the construction process proceeds as smoothly as possible.

Our Agreed Surveyor Services

Party Wall Surveyor London offers many services. They help building owners and adjoining owners reach agreements. This includes surveys to document property conditions. Here’s what our Agreed Surveyor Services entail:

Initial Consultation

We start by providing a free initial consultation to understand the nature of the dispute and the parties involved. During this consultation, we’ll explain the role of an Agreed Surveyor. We’ll also explain how we can help resolve the conflict. And we’ll talk about the importance of agreeing to appoint a surveyor to act efficiently.

Impartial Assessment

As an Agreed Surveyor, we assess disputes fairly. We consider all factors, laws, both parties’ interests, and costs. Our goal is to find a fair and equitable solution that complies with the Party Wall Act 1996, ensuring all decisions benefit the property and neighbour relations.

Mediation and Agreement

We help the building owner, and the adjoining owner have constructive discussions. The goal is to reach an agreement that outlines the terms for the proposed construction. Our role is to mediate, ensure that the agreement is fair to both parties and respect neighbourly boundaries.

Party Wall Awards

If an agreement is reached, we formalize it in a legally binding document known as a Party Wall Award. This document sets out each party’s rights and duties during construction. It serves as a reference for any future disputes.

Site Inspections

Our surveyors conduct regular site inspections to monitor the progress of the construction work, ensure compliance with the Party Wall Award, and assess any impact on shared property lines. This proactive approach helps prevent conflicts from arising during the project.

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How Are Agreed Surveyors Appointed?

The process of appointing agreed surveyors begins with one party serving a formal notice. They send it to the adjoining owners to outline the proposed works. The notice should detail the nature and extent of the work and provide sufficient information to enable the recipient to understand the implications for their property. 

Upon receiving the notice, the adjoining owners have the option to either consent to the proposed works or dissent. If the parties disagree, they can appoint their own surveyor. Or, they may use the same surveyor as the initiating party, called an agreed surveyor. If both parties agree to use the same surveyor, they must ensure the surveyor is independent and impartial, with no conflicts of interest. This ensures that the interests of both parties are protected throughout the process.

What If the Adjoining Owner Insists on Using a Separate Surveyor?

If the adjoining owner insists on using a separate surveyor, it’s their right to do so. This means there will be two surveyors involved instead of one, which might add complexity to the process. Each party would have their own surveyor to represent their interests. Having two surveyors can be beneficial in some cases, as it ensures that each party’s concerns are properly addressed. However, it can also prolong the process and potentially increase costs. The experience of the surveyors is worth considering. You want someone who understands the foundation of the Party Wall Act and can properly assess the proposed works. In this scenario, both surveyors would work together to protect both parties’ interests. They would collaborate on developing a party wall agreement that addresses any concerns and ensures the works are planned and carried out safely. If needed, they may also consult with structural engineers or other specialists. They will do this to evaluate how the proposed development will impact the neighbour’s property. Ultimately, the goal is to ensure that the works are carried out safely and with due regard to the structural integrity of both properties. Having two surveyors, each representing a different party, can help achieve this goal.

Why Choose A & A Party Wall Surveyors?

  • Qualified and Impartial Agreed Surveyors
  • In-Depth Understanding of the Party Wall Act 1996
  • Expert Mediation and Conflict Resolution
  • Commitment to Fairness and Transparency
  • Cost-Efficient Solutions

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When disputes arise over party wall matters, it’s essential to have a knowledgeable and impartial Agreed Surveyor on your side. Contact us to benefit from our professional expertise, agree to the appointment of a surveyor, and ensure a fair and efficient resolution to your party wall dispute.

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When should I hire an Agreed Surveyor?

You should hire an Agreed Surveyor when there is a property-related dispute between two parties, such as boundary disputes, party wall issues, or construction works affecting neighboring properties. Hiring an Agreed Surveyor can help in resolving these disputes amicably and professionally.

How is an Agreed Surveyor appointed?

An Agreed Surveyor is appointed by mutual agreement between the parties involved in the dispute. Both parties must agree on the choice of surveyor, who then acts impartially to assess and resolve the issues.

What qualifications should an Agreed Surveyor have?

An Agreed Surveyor should be a qualified professional with expertise in property law, construction, and surveying. They should be a member of a recognized professional body, such as the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

What is the role of an Agreed Surveyor in a party wall dispute?

In a party wall dispute, the Agreed Surveyor’s role is to assess the situation, prepare a party wall award, and ensure that the rights of both parties are protected. They provide a fair and impartial resolution based on the Party Wall Act 1996.

What should I do if the other party refuses to appoint an Agreed Surveyor?

Generally, the building owner pays all reasonable surveyor fees for the adjoining If the other party refuses to appoint an Agreed Surveyor, you may need to seek legal advice or apply to the court for the appointment of a surveyor. The court can appoint a surveyor on behalf of the reluctant party to ensure the dispute is resolved.

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