What Is Party Wall London?

A wall shared between the two neighbours and considered mutual property by both parties is known as a party wall. The Party Wall Act 1996 says both parties must seek permission. They must do so before using the shared property for any type of construction. It is quite common in the United Kingdom for neighbours to share various properties. At times, party wall problems can get tough. That’s why to resolve any disputes, owners need to hire a surveyor.

In London, a skilled surveyor like ours is crucial for property development or even renovation. We help navigate any potential disputes by following the Party Wall Act 1996. Our team helps with clear communication. We ensure disputes are resolved smoothly and shared structures are well-managed.

Surveyors are chartered professionals specialized in managing shared walls between adjoining properties in London. They ensure compliance with laws for construction near party walls. Moreover, they conduct surveys to assess conditions and help owners communicate. With expertise in preventing and resolving disputes, our professional surveyors ensure a smooth process while protecting the rights of all parties involved.

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We specialize in dealing with all Party Wall matters in accordance with the 1996 Act, offering services across London.


It is a framework to prevent and resolve conflicts that arise due to building Party Walls, boundary walls, or doing any excavation activity near a neighbour’s property. It came into force on 1st July 1997 and is followed by the citizens of England and Whales.

According to the Act, the building owner must inform the Adjoining owner surveyor about his activities and intentions before starting any work. The Adjoining owner has the power to agree or disagree with the adjoining property owner. If he disagrees, then the role of the Act is very important. It provides all the rules/terms required to resolve the dispute between two parties.

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Member of Party Wall Academy


Members of the Party Wall Academy demonstrate a sound knowledge of the Party Wall, etc. Act 1996 and competency in its application. The Academy is committed to enhancing the skills and knowledge of surveyors.

Understanding the Party Wall Act: What Work Needs Permission?

When it comes to understanding this Act, it is essential to know what work requires permission from a qualified and experienced party wall surveyor. Surveyors must be appointed if a property owner intends to carry out work on a party wall, a third party wall, or draw up a party wall.

The building owner and adjoining neighbours must appoint a surveyor each, or the building owner can appoint a surveyor on behalf of all parties involved. The surveyors cover various services in London, ranging from the administration of a party wall to the preparation of a party wall award.

It is crucial to have an experienced party wall surveyor to handle matters relating to the party wall. In cases where disputes arise, an appointed surveyor can help resolve conflicts between the adjoining owner and adjoining neighbours. The Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors in London helps ensure that all surveyors are qualified and experienced in dealing with party wall matters across London.

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