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At A & A Party Wall Surveyors, we understand the importance of safeguarding your property and protecting your interests during construction projects that involve party walls or shared boundaries. A Schedule of Conditions is a crucial document that can help ensure your property remains in the same condition throughout the construction process. Our Schedule of Conditions Services is designed to meticulously record the current state of your property, providing a baseline for comparison in the event of disputes or damage during construction.

What is a Schedule of Conditions?

A Schedule of Conditions is a detailed record of the condition of a property, typically prepared before any neighboring construction work commences. It serves as a comprehensive visual and written documentation of the property’s existing condition, noting any pre-existing defects or vulnerabilities. This document is essential for both building owners and adjoining owners to protect their interests and avoid disputes regarding damage during construction.

Our Schedule of Conditions Services

Party Wall Surveyors offer specialized Schedule of Conditions Services to help property owners ensure their investments are protected when construction work is being carried out nearby. Here’s what our services include:

Thorough Property Inspection

Our experienced surveyors conduct a comprehensive inspection of your property, meticulously documenting its condition. We use high-quality photography and detailed written descriptions to create a comprehensive record.

Legal Compliance

We ensure that the Schedule of Conditions meets all the legal requirements and standards specified under the Party Wall Act 1996. Our goal is to provide you with a legally sound document that can be used as evidence if disputes arise.

Pre-Construction Protection

The Schedule of Conditions serves as a valuable tool to protect your property during the construction process. It provides a clear baseline to assess any damage or changes that may occur as a result of the neighboring construction work.

Post-Construction Comparison

In the event of disputes or damage claims, our surveyors can revisit your property and compare its post-construction condition to the Schedule of Conditions. This comparison helps establish whether any damage occurred during the construction work and the extent of the damage.

Expert Witness Testimony

Should disputes escalate and require legal resolution, our surveyors can provide expert witness testimony based on the Schedule of Conditions, helping you protect your interests in court.

Why Choose A & A Party Wall Surveyors?

  • Skilled and Knowledgeable Surveyors
  • Strict Adherence to Legal Standards
  • Comprehensive Property Inspections
  • Commitment to Fairness and Transparency
  • Cost-Efficient Solutions

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Protecting your property’s condition during neighboring construction work is of paramount importance. Trust A & A Party Wall Surveyors to provide you with a meticulous Schedule of Conditions that serves as a valuable reference in safeguarding your interests.

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