Five Commonly Asked Questions About Party Wall Issues In 2024

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While working at the adjoining property party wall issues are common but certain measures can be taken to avoid any inconvenience between the two participants. Sending a legal party Wall notice can help you in enjoying the changing and construction properly without any fear of the law or your neighbors. Party Wall notice service to be your companion in the changes and new construction within the combined property. It saves you from future troubles and you can carry out your work with complete confidence from your neighborhood. Sending a party Wall notice basically means that you are seeking your neighbor’s permission to make changes. By agreeing to your terms, they cannot take any legal action against you. 

What does the Party Wall Act Encompass?

This is a frequently asked question when most people think about serving a Party Wall Notice. Basically, the party wall act covers different aspects of changes in the shared wall such as the fence or boundary wall between the adjoining houses. It also covers the details of construction along the boundary lines of the two adjoining properties. You and your next-door neighbors have equal rights on that property so you need to send a party Wall notice. Thirdly it covers any excavation that you are about to make at a certain distance from adjoining property. Basically, it means that constructing excavating, or making changes near to the shared property needs to be agreed upon through the party wall act.

Will my neighbor agree upon a party wall notice?

This is the biggest concern for any property owner that how can he convince the neighbors to sign the mutual agreement? This issue can occur if they do not give their consent about the construction you are about to make. To avoid this inconvenience, it is better to talk with them and explain your point to the neighbors. You can seek help from your surveyor and can explain what necessary changes will you require and how they can impact your neighbor’s property. It is better to tell them all the details beforehand and not hide any possible damage from them.

What if I already started work before serving notice?

If you have started to work and did not know about the legal requirements, you should stop the work immediately and send a legal notice to your neighbors. Hire a party wall surveyor and legal advisor for this task. The survey will tell you about what to include in the notice and the legal advisor will prepare the notice for you. It makes all your actions secure against the law.

What if my neighbor has started construction without my consent?

While starting any construction the neighbor has to ask your permission legally. Your neighbor has no right to harm your property or the shared property including any wall, boundary, or fence. To seek your permission or consent, they should send you a legal party Wall notice. If they have not sent any prior notice and acting against the law you can go to Court against them and you have to write to stop them. You have to apply for an injunction in the court but first seek legal advice because if you are claiming something baseless, you will have to pay the incurred fee. 

Is It Necessary To Seek A Party Wall Surveyor?

To tell you about the exact requirements of party wall construction, you need a properly trained professional. He will also check that your party wall notice is written correctly. A party wall surveyor London This gives a sketch of how your changes can affect the shared property. Lastly, he is responsible for making an agreement between you and your neighbors. Also, to seek your neighbor’s consent, you need to tell them properly about the work requirements that a surveyor can do.

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