Party wall issues are common in the United Kingdom, and that’s the sole reason for the presence of the Party Wall Act that passed in 1996. Shared wall or property structure between two parties, i.e., neighbour’s known as a party wall or party structure. Before making the construction alterations or any type of renovation involving the party wall, you need to have the proper consent of the adjoining owner. While the process sometimes can be challenging, A&A Party Wall Surveyor can help you according to your demand. We can guide you through the complete process of getting your neighbour’s consent for your project. Want to make enhance the aesthetics and property value of your home? Make sure to make it legal with the help of a Party Wall Surveyor Birmingham.

Why Do You Need Party Wall Surveyor in Birmingham?

If you can be able to get the consent of your neighbour through the party wall Notice response, then you are good to go and make the changes that you want to. But in most of the cases, you have to hire a charted party wall surveyor that can guide you through the complete procedure of getting the consent from the adjoining owners by resolving the dispute. A&A Party Wall Surveyor makes it as smooth and reliable as possible. Our highly skilled charted party wall surveyor is equipped with a meticulous portfolio as the property surveyor and can bring peace between both parties. We have been in the field for a long time and have solved dozens of complex disputes by getting both parties to a mutual agreement. Without having your neighbour’s consent, you simply cannot initiate any of the construction, renovation or alteration projects that involve a party wall or a party structure because of the potential legal pitfall that can get you.

Party Wall Surveying Procedure

After getting the response to Party Wall Notice from your neighbour, you can decide your following action. At A&A Party Wall Surveyor, we follow the following procedure to bring peace between both parties and resolve the dispute.

  • Surveyor Review

After getting a dissent from the neighbour, your party wall surveyor at A&A Party Wall Surveyor will review your construction or renovation project according to the perspective of your owner to broaden the understanding of the scope of your project. This review can be based on some of the following points;

  • Land registry title deeds and plans. 
  • Structural drawing and calculations.
  • Statements regarding construction method.
  • Examining the proposed architectural maps.
  • Relevant information regarding the construction work.
  • Condition Inspection & Reporting

This step involves the scheduled condition inspection of the land by the party wall surveyor. Our charted surveyor will follow the lay of the land and go through all the aspects of the construction work that the owner wants to account for all the risk. The next step involves recording and documenting the full impact on the neighbour’s property during pre-construction work. This will be a part of the Party Wall Award to ensure legal protection in the event of damage to the neighbour’s property. 

  • Legal Party Wall Award 

After completing the review and recording the considered risks to the neighbour’s property from your construction work, our party wall surveyor will move towards the final agreement that is also claimed as Legal Party Wall Award. This party wall award will govern the owner’s construction work. Once the Award is served and agreed upon by both parties, you are free to start your project. Some of the most important clauses of this agreement Award include the following.

  • Permitted working hours.
  • Scope of construction work.
  • Temporary access provisions and procedures.
  • The construction method and protective measures.
  • Procedure to be implemented in case of work variations.
  • Implementation procedure during the event of damage and compensation.

Benefits Of Hiring Party Wall Surveyors Birmingham

Having a skilled and legal party wall surveyor at your back is wise when you have a consent dispute with your neighbour. We offer value for your money. We offer,

  • Prevent delays.
  • Quick Response.
  • Free expert advice.
  • Prevent legal pitfalls.
  • Competitive pricing.

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