Adjoining Owner Surveyor

Adjoining owner surveyor

Once a Party Wall Notice has been received from your neighbours, the next step is representing Adjoining Owner Surveyors. Whenever a Party Wall notice comes to the doorstep of the neighbour, the adjoining owner becomes aware of the proposed works of the neighbours. The power to consent or dissent to the notice is given to the adjoining owner – if no response comes after 14 days, the notice dissents, and parties are in conflict under the Act.

In this case, the role of a Professional Surveyor is important. The surveyor is appointed by the owners to serve a Party Wall Award. Then, a third surveyor is selected by the two surveyors to resolve any conflict that is not solved by the two surveyors.


 Some of the roles and responsibilities of the adjoining role surveyors are:

  1. To review the notices available and associated drawings to monitor their suitability and validity.
  2. To coordinate with the building owner surveyors and the two surveyors appointed to select the third surveyor if the decision is difficult to make
  3. Visiting the property to monitor the work done by the workers and to check the precision of drawings.
  4. To negotiate with the building owner about the Party Wall Award
  5. To make and serve the Party Wall Award
  6. To provide advice and guidance to the adjoining owner
  7. If a dispute occurs, then to make a further award


Under section 6 of the Party Wall Act, a notice is served upon the adjoining owner surveyor in case of building works involving adjacent excavations. Two types of excavations are discussed under section 6 of the Act.

  1. Excavation done within 3 meters of the building of your neighbour
  2. Excavation done within 6 meters of the building of your neighbour

The proposal to strengthen or safeguard the foundations of the building must be present in the notice. The notice will also include the plans and drawings of the location of excavation with respect to the building and also the depth of the excavation activity. In addition, the name and address of the person undertaking the work should also be included in the notice. A detailed explanation of the work, the name and address of the affected party, and the date of start are also included in the notice.


The role of Adjoining owner surveyors is very important in resolving the conflicts that arise. The Adjoining surveyor aims to safeguard the interests of the customers and to decrease the expenses to the minimum rate in case of damages occurring during construction work done by the owner of the building.

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