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At A & A Party Wall Surveyors, we understand that property ownership comes with a set of responsibilities, especially when it comes to shared walls and boundaries. If you’re planning construction work on or near a party wall or boundary, you’ll need to comply with the Party Wall Act 1996. This is where our Adjoining Owner Surveyor services come into play. Our team of experienced surveyors is here to ensure a smooth and fair process for all parties involved.

What is the Party Wall Act 1996?

The Party Wall Act 1996 is a UK law designed to regulate construction work that may affect party walls, boundary walls, and excavations near neighboring properties. Under this law, property owners are obligated to serve notices to their adjoining owners when planning specific types of construction work. The Act also outlines procedures to resolve disputes and protect the rights of all parties involved.

Our Adjoining Owner Surveyor Services

Party Wall Surveyor offer a comprehensive range of services to help property owners navigate the complexities of the Party Wall Act 1996. Our experienced surveyors can assist both building owners and adjoining owners to ensure a seamless process. Here’s what we offer:

Initial Consultation

We start by providing a free initial consultation to discuss your specific project and the requirements of the Party Wall Act. During this consultation, we’ll explain the legal obligations and help you determine if the Act applies to your project.

Party Wall Notices

If your project falls under the Party Wall Act, we’ll assist you in preparing and serving the necessary party wall notices to your adjoining owners. Our team ensures that all notices are accurate and legally compliant.

Schedule of Conditions

To protect the interests of both parties, we’ll carry out a comprehensive survey of the adjoining owner’s property, documenting its current condition. This schedule of conditions will serve as a baseline reference in case of any damage disputes arising from the construction work.

Mediation and Dispute Resolution

In the event of disputes between building owners and adjoining owners, our surveyors can act as impartial mediators to help reach a mutually acceptable agreement. We strive to resolve conflicts amicably, saving time and costs for all parties involved.

Party Wall Awards

Where disputes cannot be resolved through mediation, we can assist in drafting legally binding Party Wall Awards that outline the rights and responsibilities of each party during and after the construction work.

Site Inspections

Throughout the construction process, our surveyors conduct regular site inspections to monitor progress and ensure compliance with the Party Wall Act. This helps prevent potential issues and maintains a record of any damage that may occur.

Why Choose A & A Party Wall Surveyors?

  • Experienced and Qualified Surveyors
  • Comprehensive Understanding of Party Wall Act 1996
  • Personalized Consultation and Services
  • Cost-effective Solutions
  • Commitment to Fairness and Transparency

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If you’re planning construction work near a party wall or boundary, don’t navigate the complexities of the Party Wall Act 1996 alone. Contact us for expert guidance and support. Our team is dedicated to ensuring a smooth and legally compliant process for all parties involved. Protect your property rights and maintain neighborly relations with our professional surveyor services.

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