Party Wall Award

party wall award

A party wall is a single partition, standing on the grounds of two independent property owners. This single wall is the reason for disputes among the neighbours, especially when one landlord decides to move or start work (that involves this wall) and the other disagrees.

The party wall disputes usually call for Party Wall Surveyors who are experienced professionals with the right set of expertise and knowledge regarding construction and properties. They are appointed to settle these disputes impartially based on Party Wall Act.

Party Wall Award

The party wall award is a final legal document that clarifies the owner’s rights and responsibilities, prompting building works and legitimate proprietors of the nearby property. The award only permits the work to be done that is covered by the Party Wall Act 1996.

Besides, it ensures the adjoining owners’ security from the damages caused as the result of the works being done by including the ‘Schedule of Conditions’ section.

The award is drafted by the hired party wall surveyors under Section 10 of the Act and regulates different aspects of work being done, including;

  • The right to execute any work
  • Any other matter incidental to debate, including the expenses of the award
  • Rights and responsibilities of the involved owners
  • The extent of the work done
  • How long will the work take place?
  • Types of tools used
  • The procedure to follow in case of any complications
  • Details of the present conditions of both the properties
  • Details of the cost-sharing and the benefits for both owners

The cost clause is added in the case the adjoining owner has requested any additional work. Otherwise, the building owner benefits from all the construction is bound to pay the expenses, including the cost of surveyors, damages, and construction work.  

Difference between Party Wall Award and Party Wall Agreement

Contrary to the common misconception, the party wall award and party wall agreement are not the same; technically, they are different.

Party wall Agreement is a peaceful settlement among the building and adjoining owners to carry out the construction work without party wall surveyors’ involvement.

In contrast, the party wall award is legally binding that involves surveyors if one of the two landlords is unwilling to agree to the work progress.

Keep the Award Safe

It is vital to keep the party wall award safe and secure, considering it is a legal document. It can be a valuable information source in the future to explain the extent of previously done works and which ownership started them.


Party wall awards are planned for the easiness of adjoining owners and to avoid party wall disputes. This allowed document has the power to convince and agree both landlords to settle on outcomes based on fairness and impartiality. Thus, following the procedure and keeping the award safe can save you from unnecessary chaos.

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