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    We specialize in dealing with all Party Wall matters in accordance with the Party Wall Act 1996.


    It is a framework to prevent and resolve conflicts that arise due to building Party Walls, boundary walls, or doing any excavation activity near a neighbour’s building. It came into force on 1st July 1997 and is followed by the citizens of England and Whales.

    According to the Act, the building owner must inform the Adjoining owner surveyor about his activities and intentions before starting any work. The Adjoining owner has the power to agree or disagree with the Building Owner. If he disagrees, then the role of the Act is very important. It provides all the rules/terms required to resolve the dispute between two parties.

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    Members of the Party Wall Academy demonstrate a sound knowledge of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 and competency in its application. 

    Everything You Need To Know About Party Wall Surveyors In London

    The Party wall Act defines the term “surveyor” as “any person not being a party to the matter appointed or selected under Section 10 to determine disputes following the procedures set out in this Act.” A surveyor plays an essential part in securing the rights of both building owners and owners of adjoining properties alike.

    It is always better to have an agreement before starting any sort of construction. The building surveyors must know the requirements of construction and should include all the necessary things in the agreement such as work timing per day, length of construction, safety measures taken, a detail of changes, and reconstruction. Sending a prior notice is ethical and lawful and protects you from future disputes.

    A truly professional party wall surveyor will resolve all disputes fairly and efficiently and make sure that construction work is done quickly and safely.

    Find Solutions To Your Party Wall Challenges

    Things are supposed to be challenging when you have to make any structural changes involving part walls. understand the gravity of party wall matters and offers you premium quality services of party wall surveyors in London. A Party wall is claimed as a wall shared between two neighbors as the boundary line. There can be a different types of party walls and party structures. You have to seek your neighbor’s permission before the construction or renovation project for a loft conversion or changing the part wall’s design, height, or width. 

    You might face a legal pitfall if you fail to get your neighbor by your side regarding the party wall construction project. By getting an experienced, licensed, and professional party wall surveyor, you can avoid the stretched period of pause to start your project. We help quicken your project and let you achieve the privacy you desire to complete your projects. 

    Build A Mutual Bridge To Resolve Party Wall Disputes

    Party wall surveyors are the central players in gaining your desired results about the matter. We help you maintain your good terms with your neighbors by solving the matter with outstanding professionalism. We have been working in this field for so long that we understand all the tricks to tackle a somewhat complex issue. 

    AAAPWS is equipped with teams of professional party wall surveyors that can resolve your complex party wall disputes by bringing both parties to mutual agreement. From start to gaining party wall award, we make sure to complete the process by satisfying the demands of your neighbors and offering you complete reliability to start your5 renovation or construction projects.

    What Do We Do?

    AAAPWS not only takes care of party wall disputes, but we also take away all your stress by offering you a complete guide and advice on what to do and how2 to do it. Apart from our party wall surveyor services, we also provide same-day service for different purposes, including the following.

    Party Wall Advice

    Not sure about whether, under the Party Wall Act, you are supposed to send a party wall notice to your neighbor for your project or not? Let the experts deal with this. Our experienced professionals can demonstrate the whole process for you and can look at whether your project requires a party wall notice to your neighbor.

    Survey Request

    Want to have experts survey your project related to party wall matters? AAAPWS welcomes you with our survey request service. You can fill out the form, and we can get back to you tailored to your needs.

    Meeting On The Site

    Want us to meet you at the site and start an inspection or survey for you? We are open seven days a week with our full attention and excitement to offer you value. After getting in touch with us, we will let you know about the formal meeting n the location in the form of appropriate notice. 

    Make Your Next Move According To The Party Wall Act

    Part wall conflicts are common in England and Whales. Therefore, to avoid the complexities of matters, the party wall act was designed in July 1996 that still holds the authority to date. Party Wall Act 1996 offers a complete framework of what to do and how things should be done to avoid the legal pitfall. 

    AAAPWS makes sure you make your next move according to the act to avoid the legal pitfall. Party a supposed to send party wall notice to party b in case of doing any excavation near the building or property of the latter. In case of disagreement with the notice, the party wall act gains more importance and demonstrates the different framework of achieving the second party’s trust in your project. Our professional party wall surveyor in London makes the process smooth and easy for you.

    Gain Maximum Of Our Services Tailored To Your Needs

    AAAPWS is all about resolving party wall conflicts legal yet smooth. We offer our services according to your needs and demands. We can help you with the following;

    Party Wall Notice

    Want to have a loft conversion or renovate the boundary wall? Make sure to let your neighbors know beforehand. We help you send a well-written party wall notice to seek their consent according to sections 1, 3, and 6 of the party wall act.


    Party Wall Award

    We prioritize your project from sending party wall notice to serving and publishing party wall award. Our professional experts make it clear in the award regarding both parties’ rights and responsibility, prompting party wall matters.


    Agreed Surveyor

    Looking for an agreed party wall surveyor in London who can act objectively on behalf of owners under the provision of the Party Wall Act 1996? We’ve got you all covered. However, the decision of the Agreed surveyor appointment is in the hands of the Adjoining Owner.


    Adjoining Owner Surveyor

    Want to have a non-biased adjoin owner surveyor to resolve the conflict quickly? We’ve got you. The response to the party wall notice can be of three types, agreed, disagreed, wanted to hire a party wall surveyor, disagreed but willing to have a mutual surveyor. In case of dissent, both surveyors of parties a and b appoint a third adjoin owner surveyor to resolve conflict. We make sure to reach a party wall award for you without wasting time.


    Why Choose Us?

    AAAPWS is the best choice for a party wall surveyor in London. Along with our years of service, we hold firm qualities that gave us dominance among our competitors. With our 100% success rate, we try to build values for our clients. With, you are liable to get,

    • Quality service.
    • Licensed party wall surveyor.
    • Committed and professional approach.

    FAQs Related To Surveyors In London

    Do I have To Pay For A Party Wall Surveyor?

    In general, the building owner pays the fees (known as costs) since he is the one undertaking the work and initiating the party wall process.

    Who can act as a Party Wall Surveyor?

    Section 20 in the Party Wall etc Act defines a “surveyor” as a person who is not a party to the dispute and is appointed to decide disagreements arising in the Act. It is a fact that no formal training or experience is needed to be a surveyor’ of the party wall. Construction works that fall under the purview of the Act usually involve complex excavations and construction, therefore it follows that a surveyor’ must be a skilled and licensed certified building professional.

    What Is The Role Of A Building Surveyor?

    A building surveyor evaluates the quality of buildings ranging from residential to commercial and public buildings. They provide advice and recommendations on how to improve structures.

    How Long Does A Party Wall Agreement Last?

    In general, it lasts for one year after the award date.

    How Much Does A Party Wall Agreement Cost In The UK?

    The “Agreed Surveyor” prepares an award, which contains details about the proposed works and a schedule of the neighbors’ home’s condition, including photos. The fee for a surveyor in London varies between £120 to £250per hour depending on the assignment and party wall award and the surveyor costs about £1100.00.

    Can You Start Building Work Without A Party Wall Agreement?

    When it comes to building work next to or on a party wall, you will need an agreement. You must inform your neighbour, give them a Party Wall Notice, and draft a written agreement.

    What is Party Wall Notice Period?

    Party wall notices must be sent to your neighbours to notify them of your plans which is between two months and a year of the work beginning.

    Who chooses a party wall surveyor?

    Each owner must hire the party wall surveyor or agree on a single surveyor to represent both owners.

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