Party wall Procedures during Lockdown

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In this COVID-19 and lockdown scenario, where every sector and profession feel its impact, party wall procedures are also changing. The Government has given the green signal that all the building and construction-related works will continue as long as Site Operating Procedures (SOPs) are intact. The basic SOPs will include wearing masks and gloves and washing your hands regularly. 

Party wall Procedures

If the contractor surveys the site and collects all the relevant information regarding the proposed work, it is sufficient to prepare the previous and future drawings. After this, it is possible to make small adjustments to the design until it is final and is ready to serve. As an alternative to going privately to the sites, planning departments use pictures and videos for assistance.

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Party Wall Notices

Surveyors are carrying out all of the surveying practices in this pandemic. So, your neighbor has full power to appoint a surveyor. In the same way, you can serve party wall notice before the start of the construction.

Schedule of Conditions

To monitor the Adjoining Owner’s conditions and check for any damage, the surveyor visits the site. In Covid’s situation, by observing social distancing, they can carry out site visits. In normal circumstances, both surveyors visit the site, but in the Covid situation, only one surveyor can visit the site. Typically, you schedule only one part of a property at a time so any occupants can remain in the rooms to which the surveyor does not require access. Moreover, a surveyor can also avoid the risk by using private transport instead of public transport and wearing masks and gloves. 

Steps Taken to Avoid Risk of COVID in Lockdown

Through some measures taken and SOPs followed, we can reduce the risk of Covid during Party Wall Procedure in lockdown. 

Proper Inspection Done to Follow SOPs

During Party Wall Procedure, the surveyor should do routine checking of his team to monitor workers’ health. Moreover, workers should wash their hands regularly. Workers should avoid crowded places and follow social distancing.

Serve the Award with A Requirement for the Inspection to Take Place Before Works Begin

An accurate and detailed final proposal is required to avoid the inspection delay, requiring forward and strategic thinking. In normal conditions, surveyors review the proposal after the inspection, and Party Wall Award is served two to three weeks later. If the inspection is delayed, then the Awards is served quicker than in normal circumstances. 

No Inspection Carries Out While Agreeing and Serving Award

It is the last thing to do. Neighbours can take pictures and record videos of the scenario and leave the gate open to the surveyor. In this way, they can avoid contact, and maintain social distance.


In this difficult time of the pandemic, surveyors work while taking several precautions when life is on a pause. They also supervise workers 24/7 to ensure that they are following SOPs. These SOPs include wearing masks and gloves and using sanitizers. Safe working conditions promote efficiency in the work, and you can hire a professional surveyor while having peace of mind. 

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