How Using A Cheap Party Wall Surveyor Can Substantially Add To Your Costs In London

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Using a cheap party wall surveyor can result in addition to the final cost. Surveyor appointed keeps a record of the time spent on serving the award. Calculate the total hourly fee after finalizing all the information and adding the hours. Then place the final budget in front of a surveyor as a reasonable fee. The surveyor either accepts the offer or asks some more questions. You then refer a third surveyor if the dispute remains. This process is known as a practical tribunal.


Building owners usually offer a fixed amount before committing to the work. As the qualification is not mandatory; anybody can set themselves up as a party wall surveyor. You do not have to be a member of a professional body to become a surveyor. Many local surveyors classify themselves among specialists and do not give work up to the owner’s expectations. Therefore; always hire a qualified surveyor.

The type and quality of the opposing party’s information usually determine the Adjoining Owner’s Surveyor’s fee. If the amount is confirmed and mentioned in the award and there is no agreement upon award within 14 days, it becomes set in stone and cannot be challenged in court. 

This reasoning ignores the fact that a referral to the third surveyor need not delay the commencement of works as the point can be reserved in the award to be decided later by any two of the three surveyors.


You can avoid cheap surveyor and reduce the cost of a qualified surveyor without compromising on the quality of work by following these steps:

Negotiate with your neighbors before serving the notice

There are different ways to negotiate with your neighbors regarding the notice. Deliver them a hard copy of your plans, talk to them directly, or reassure them about your contractor’s quality. Listen to their problems and concerns before starting any work.  

Explain that consent does not erode any rights

If you consent to a Party wall notice, you do not lose the right to appoint any surveyor if a dispute occurs. Many party wall surveyors have this misunderstanding and not clear about it.

Wisely choose your surveyor.

It would be best to have a professional surveyor with the information and capability to challenge unjust fees or prepare a compelling submission form to the Third Surveyor if any dispute occurs. If you pay a bit more cost to a wise surveyor, this will decrease your Party Wall Procedure’s overall cost.

Ask for a discount from the surveyor.

You do not have any idea how generally Adjoining owners respond to the notices. That is why you get quote on per award basis. However; You can save time by doing work with some planning. Sometimes surveyors have combined appointments and duplicated paperwork. So, it is easy to ask for a discount. It would also decrease the overall fee of Party Wall Procedure without compromising on quality.

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