How Long Does a Party Wall Agreement Last?

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Do you wish to make some changes to your house? If yes, you will need a Party Wall Agreement before starting any construction work. The Agreement lasts for 12 months. Party Wall Agreements was introduced in 1996 to make changes in your property without causing any disturbance to your neighbours. 

When Do You Need a Party Wall Agreement

Suppose you are planning to do any construction activity in the vicinity of any adjoining property. Then you will need an Agreement or a Party Wall Award. For example, the shared garden walls or shared walls in between adjacent houses or flats. 

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Components Of Party Wall Agreement

The Agreement consists of:

  • A plan which will include how the work will proceed
  • Routinely monitoring the condition of Neighbouring property to avoid any damage
  • Complete drawings and details of the work carried out
  • Location of both properties
  • Working hours decided
  • Surveyor details
  • The fee of the neighbours surveyor
  • Time limit allocated for the proposed work

When To Serve Party Wall Agreement

It depends on the agreement and the work to be carried out, the Agreement is served two months before starting work. If any excavation activity is required, then the notice is sent one month before the work begins. 

A Party Wall Surveyor prepares the agreement. As soon as he gives the contract, the building owner has 12 months to start the construction activity.

What is the Party Wall London Agreement?

Navigating London’s construction landscape demands a crucial step for property owners: securing a Party Wall London Agreement. Guided by the Party Wall etc. Act 1996, this legal process involves notifying neighbours about the proposed work, allowing them to either agree or disagree. Amidst London’s diverse neighbourhoods, appointed surveyors play a key role in facilitating this agreement, creating a clear framework for construction near shared walls. This vital instrument fosters communication, defining rights and responsibilities, ultimately harmonising progress and neighbourly relations in the dynamic metropolis.

How Long Does a Party Wall Agreement Last?

There is a specific time limit for the agreement to be applicable. After 12 months, the Agreement will expire. 

Time Allocated For Party Wall Processes

After appointing the surveyor, he reviews the drawings and decides which notices are sent. When the contact information is complete and is provided immediately, the notice is served in a few days. But it can take more than two weeks if the information provided is not complete. 

 The notice will be with the neighbour for 14 days. If your neighbour does not respond, it means that your neighbours have not agreed. So, your surveyor has to issue a ten days’ notice to warn them to appoint their surveyor. Otherwise, under section 10 of the Party Wall Act, the owner will appoint a surveyor. 

The maximum days for the notification period are 24 days according to the Act 1996, and the surveyor must follow it. 

In case of a conflict, the surveyor has to issue a schedule of conditions for the neighbour’s property, approximately taking 3-4 days. After this, the surveyor will prepare the draft award. It is then validated to make any corrections. The final Award is then signed and served to the Adjoining Owner. Then, the Award is given to the owners, and the work can start.


Before starting any construction activity, there are several steps and legal requirements which are mentioned above. They require a lot of time, and in case any conflict arises, more time is needed to complete the requirements and proceed with the work. You can always appoint a qualified surveyor to fulfill all requirements and save time.

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